Holy Cannoli Vision

Do what you love,
love what you do

There’s only a few ways to live and this is what sets you apart from being average.

Chef Jamie has a goal of reaching troubled youth and adults. People with a troubled past who have earned their way back into society and are working toward a career.

Some people want it so bad…and they just need someone to believe in them.

Our goal is to hire people and have them work through our program in the kitchen and leave after 3-6 months with a letter of recommendation from our company.

This gives them the opportunity to learn the kitchen from dishwasher to sous chef and get prepared for this life changing hard industry.

We currently are working out of Kitchen in Santa Clara and have a Food Truck.

Our Goal is to open in multiple locations and states.

We specialize in Catering. Cannoli. Cakes/Cupcakes.

Oh and we really LOVE breakfast!

We aim to please YOU! Our number ONE!

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